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Zeinapur Live


ZEINAPUR is an cathedral rock artist created by Russian-Persian soprano Roksana Zeinapur and British guitarist and producer David Labovitch. Often described as a "James Bond soundtrack", the duo skillfully blends their contrasting backgrounds in opera and rock to create a sound that is equal parts nostalgic and brand new.

Combining deeply lyrical vocals that range from velvety to soaring with electrifying guitar solos, the duo promises to become a genre of their own. 

Trained classically, Roksana has performed across the globe from the esteemed Lincoln Center in NYC to LA’s Walt Disney Hall, and was awarded a finalist in Graz, Austria’s famed Meistersinger Competition. She was Vocalist-in-Residence at the Sonic Open Orchestra, and has had her work as a poet published in The Los Angeles Press. Born of English and American roots, David is best known for scoring the cult classic “Dementia Part II”. Zeinapur amalgamate their wide-spreading cultural and professional experiences to create a highly nuanced sound.

Quarantined amid the turbulence of 2020, they started writing and recording music together in Los Angeles. Their debut EP Everything is Yours plays like a soundtrack to a David Lynch movie, oozing with old world glamour and vibes for days. The duo is coming into their own with their upcoming album Only Love Remains, which celebrates the life of the artist's nephew Marlon Labovitch who passed away tragically in 2021. 

"It Rains Diamonds on Jupiter"
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