Zeinapur Live


ZEINAPUR is a dream pop/psychedelic rock artist created by British guitarist/producer David Labovitch and Russian-Persian mezzo soprano Roksana Zeinapur. While in COVID 19 Quarantine, the duo set out to write and record music that marries their respective backgrounds in opera and rock and created a sound world unlike any other. Their debut EP Everything Is Yours plays like a soundtrack to a David Lynch film, a sound equal parts nostalgic and brand new, full of old world glamour and vibes for days.


Originally from Riga, Latvia, Roksana paints the sound with a vocal quality reminiscent of Sade, singing songs about love and transcendence with a voice of singular beauty and richness. David brings out the edge in the sound with sophisticated guitar solos. Now based in Los Angeles, the duo promises to become a genre of their own.

"It Rains Diamonds on Jupiter"